May 23, 2014
"Shining Stars" in "Around Town" section   Salem News
Salem Teens Presented With Student Social Justice Award  Salem Patch
March 31, 2014
            Column: Unfinished Business in Haiti  Salem News

March 27, 2014
Les avocats Mario Joseph et Brian Concannon honorés aux Etats-Unis pour leur travail en droits humains en Haiti  AlterPresse
March 24, 2014
Salem Award honors Haitian heroes Salem News

February 10, 2014
           Local nonprofit up against the UN for Haiti  The Boston Globe
January 15, 2014
           Haiti Human Rights Lawyers to Share Award  Salem News 

January 7, 2014
            Robert W. Raiche, 85  Salem News

August 11, 2013
            Nonprofit accepting nominations for human rights award  Boston Globe North
August 10, 2013
            Nonprofit accepting nominations for human rights award
June 6, 2013
Pride Flags Raised in Salem
March 27, 2013
            Committed to Justice: 21st Annual Salem Award Honors Two Activists

Salem Award Honors Doyle, Seldon
October 4, 2012
            From Death Row to Witch City

More Weight: Bestselling Author Remembers Life on Death Row

            Of the Salem Witches, Witch Hunts, and 9/11

September 13, 2012
           Witch Trials Memorial rededicated in Salem

September 10, 2012
           Remembering the injustice: Salem Witch Trials Memorial rededicated

July 11, 2012
            Civil Rights Activist Morris Dees to Receive American Bar Association Medal for 2012
June 8, 2012
            City Life Receives Justice Award
June 7, 2012
Repairing History: Restoration of Witch Trials Memorial Begins

April 3, 2012
Salem Award will go to Boston tenant/homeowner rights group
March 4, 2011
Salem Award to Jonathan Shay Press Release
                PR Photo Dr. Shay
April 1, 2010
Salem Award Comes of Age
March 30, 2010
Our view: Salem Award still going strong
March 9, 2010  
School builder and author Greg Mortenson to receive Salem Award
October 14, 2009  
There are approxomately 50,000 slaves in the U.S. today. Learn more when author Ron Soodalter speaks in Salem
May 7, 2009
A pickers life: Salem Award to be given to migrant-worker advocates
May 6, 2009
Brian Watson: Salem Award winner leads fight against farmworker exploitation
May 5, 2009
Award honors group fighting for migrant workers
April 24, 2009
Brian Watson: Exploited farm workers pick the tomatoes we eat
May 9, 2008
Salem Award given to Darfur 'crusader'
May 7, 2008
Brian Watson: Salem Award winner brought Americans face to face with tragedy in Darfur
May 7, 2008
Darfur 'champion' to receive Salem Award
April 4, 2007
Guantanamo Lawyers Win Salem Award
April 28, 2006
Salem Award Winner Urges Help for Africa AIDS Epidemic
February 14, 2006
Salem Award – This Year's Honoree Fights to Bring Attention to AIDS Epidemic in Africa
October 10, 2005
A Piece of History Amid Busy Halloween Season
April 5, 2005
Afghan Woman Fighting for Homeland Wins Salem Award
March 30, 2005
News Panel to Discuss Women in Muslim World
February 23, 2005
Afghan Activist Wins Salem Award, Honored for Dedication to Women's Rights
April 13, 2004
Winner of Salem Human Rights Award Talks About Her Struggle Against Racism
April 13, 2004
Symposium Recalls Boston's Busing
June 13, 2003
He Fights for 'Forgotten, Forsaken Souls'
June 10, 2003
Salem Award Symposium Thursday
March 25, 2003
Defender of Jailed Innocent Chosen for Salem Award
June 15, 1998
Award's Timing Was Perfect
June 12, 1998
City Lauds Doctor for Work with Poor